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Meal Prep Recipes: Which Foods Are Best for Meal Prep?

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JOW makes mealtimes easy with our optimized shopping lists that take into account your weekly menu and the number of people in your household, but picking a week of recipes can be tough if you don’t know where to start. 

Proper meal prep can change the way you eat and make life so much easier, but which foods are the best for meal prepping? Thankfully, JOW has tons of under 30-minute recipes that can easily be prepared in advance to make your family meals a breeze. 

What Is Meal Prepping?

If you live on a tight schedule and don’t always have the time or energy to think about cooking, meal prepping may solve all your problems. 

Meal prepping is when you cook large batches of food based on unique, healthy meal prep recipes, often on a Sunday, that will last throughout the week. Whenever someone in your family is hungry, you can grab your ready-to-go portions without having to worry. Meal prep also helps you streamline your trips to the grocery store to maximize your time (or get rid of those trips entirely when you use JOW’s customizable grocery lists). 

Prepping meals for the week is a fantastic way to save time, money, and energy to easily feed the whole family without sacrificing flavor or health. You can even use different sauces and fresh produce to alter otherwise repetitive meals like stir fries any day of the week. 

Not all foods are meant for meal prepping, and some family favorites keep better throughout the week than others. Meal prep favorites include overnight oats, salads in mason jars, and Instant Pot meals, but we’re taking it a little more outside the box. Below, discover the best recipes for your meal prep menus.

Fresh and Frozen Fruits

When it comes to foods that are easy to prepare and the whole family will enjoy, it doesn’t get much better than fruit. Fruits are sweet, healthy, and can be prepared in a variety of ways that really make them pop.  

Honeydew, Fig, and Feta Fruit Salad

A fun way to incorporate fruit into your weekly meal prep is to make a fruit salad. This simple four-ingredient recipe blends honeydew, figs, feta cheese, and fresh basil for the perfect mixture of savory and sweet. Top with a mouthwatering balsamic drizzle to tie it all together. 

This quick, easy recipe is a perfect snack throughout the week, and it only takes seven minutes to prepare.

Strawberry Tart

For fruit lovers who want even more of nature’s candy in their weekly menu, this Strawberry Tart is well worth the 15-minute prep time.

Flour, butter, sugar, strawberries, and almond flour combine to make this fresh, rustic dessert that the whole family will love. Your family can even make this recipe together as a fun weekend bonding activity. 

No matter what way you slice them, fruits (especially strawberries) are a fantastic meal prep option.

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