What Can You Substitute for Dijon Mustard in Recipes?

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Ran out of Dijon Mustard and need it in a pinch? We have all the tips for substitute ingredients to help!

Everyone knows how terrible it feels to run out of an ingredient needed for a particular recipe. If you have a busy schedule, you might not have time to zip over to the store, select your ingredient's replacement, and stand in a line to checkout. 

So what can you do when you're out of dijon mustard? Luckily, several alternatives for this sauce can make your dish just as tasty. 

What Is Dijon Mustard?

Before we talk about substituting sauces for dijon mustard, let's dig into what it is. People primarily use dijon mustard as a flavorful ingredient in recipes or as a condiment on the side of meals. This mustard contains multiple components that give it its pale yellow color and spreadable consistency. 

You might find dijon mustard in glass bottles or squeezable plastic bottles at the grocery store.

What's in Dijon Mustard?

You might be wondering what makes dijon mustard unique compared to other mustard. Essentially, this sauce contains brown mustard seeds and white wine as its base components. The next crucial component is something called verjuice. It's a liquid added to dijon mustard that contributes to its tangy flavor.

If you want to get technical, some types of dijon mustard call for white wine from a specific region. Here are some other common ingredients in dijon mustard:

The Best Substitutes for Dijon Mustard

If you're in a pinch and you need a substitute for dijon mustard, don't worry. You have several options that can help replace this ingredient while still contributing a tart flavor. Let's check out all the sauce options you can use if your dijon mustard container is empty.

Spicy Brown Mustard

Perhaps you're the kind of person who enjoys a spicy kick in their recipes. If so, spicy brown mustard may be a serendipitous replacement for dijon mustard. This substance is somewhat tangier than dijon mustard, and its texture tends to be less creamy. 

Still, if you need a tart sauce for your recipe, spicy brown mustard could be a great option.

Yellow Mustard

When you need a replacement for dijon mustard, yellow mustard is always an option. The primary difference between these sauces is the mustard seed used to make them. In dijon mustard, brown mustard seeds make up the base. In yellow mustard, white mustard seeds are the foundation of this sauce, and turmeric gives it yellow coloring and a flavorful kick.

Stone-ground Mustard

One of the best substitutes for dijon mustard is stone-ground mustard. This is because stone-ground mustard is made from brown mustard seeds. You might notice it's milder than dijon mustard, but it's a safe bet when you need an alternate option.

Homemade Dijon Mustard

When you've run out of dijon mustard, you can also make your own! This sauce isn't too challenging, and you can enjoy the fruits of your effort in no time. Here's a quick breakdown of how to make dijon mustard at home:

  1. Add one tablespoon of dry mustard powder to a bowl.
  2. Next, scoop in one and one-half tablespoons of mayonnaise.
  3. Add three-fourths of a tablespoon of white wine vinegar.
  4. Sprinkle in some sugar and salt to your preference.

It's really this simple. Making dijon mustard is quick and easy if you have the ingredients.

How To Store Homemade Dijon Mustard

After you've whipped together tasty dijon mustard or bought it from the store, you'll want to ensure you store it correctly. Dijon mustard can last a long time, but it's best kept in the refrigerator. Once you've opened it, it can last around a year in the fridge.

Where To Buy Dijon Mustard

Looking for ingredients at the grocery store can be time-consuming. When you're trying to spot dijon mustard, you can typically find it on an aisle with condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise. It should be next to yellow mustard and other mustard variations.

If you don't feel like browsing the aisles forever, we've got your back. At Jow, you can think of us as your personal grocery shopping assistant. 

You can create an optimized grocery list based on the recipes you plan to make. Then, we'll send your list to a nearby grocery store where you can pick it up. In some cases, you can also have your grocery cart shipped directly to your house. Talk about easy!

Dijon Mustard's Origin Story

Okay, but where does dijon mustard come from? Most notably, it gets its name from the city of Dijon, the capital of Burgundy in France. This Burgundy region in France has a delicious history, especially regarding the wines produced in that region.

Mustard seeds grow in vineyards. These seeds form underground beneath the rows of vines. The seeds help nourish the growing vines, making this a multi-purpose food.

In the 13th century, the city of Dijon had formed its mustard reputation, and in the 17th century, verjuice became an essential component in its recipe. Today, it's a tart sauce that many love using to accent their recipes. 

Easy Recipes That Include Delicious Mustard Sauce

Are you craving this tangy sauce? You don't have to stick to sandwiches to enjoy the flavor of dijon mustard. We've rounded up nine of our favorite recipes with dijon mustard that you can try this week.

Pork Tenderloin With Mustard Sauce

Making a delicious, filling meal has never been so easy. You can make our pork tenderloin with mustard sauce recipe in fifteen minutes –– yes, you read that correctly. With heavy cream, dijon mustard, and savory pork tenderloin in the mix, you'll savor every bite.

Chicken With Mustard Sauce

You've had chicken and rice before, but you haven't had it like this. Our chicken with mustard sauce recipe includes whole-grain mustard with smooth heavy cream and zesty red onions. It's a meal you can go to when you want to put a spin on a dish you already love!

Honey-Mustard Chicken & Carrots

Who can resist the savory-sweet charm of honey mustard? If you're looking for a meal that's flavorful and filling, our honey mustard chicken and carrots recipe is a perfect option. Enjoy protein and veggies in one meal with tangy dijon mustard to enhance every bite.

Maple-Mustard Salmon & Cauliflower

On busy days, it can be nice to throw several ingredients into one pan and let the oven do all the work. Our maple-mustard salmon and cauliflower is an easy-to-make meal that's packed full of flavor. The whole-grain mustard and honey blend to create the perfect sauce for the salmon and cauliflower.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Let's say you want to make an appetizer for your dinner guests before serving your main course. There's nothing like chicken caesar salad to please a crowd.

Our chicken caesar salad recipe is done in twenty minutes, so you can focus on entertaining your dinner guests and enjoy your appetizer right away. Plus, it's got the fantastic creamy addition of dijon mustard in the dressing.

1-Pan Sausage & Potatoes

Here's another one-pan meal you can whip up when you need a stress-free meal. Our 1-pan sausage and potatoes recipe only requires four ingredients and a few minutes of prep work. After chucking it into the oven, you can sit back, relax, and wait to enjoy the mouth-watering taste of dijon mustard with savory potatoes and sausages.

Savory Tomato Tart

Sometimes, making your own pie is more fulfilling than calling it in. Our savory tomato tart features gooey mozzarella cheese with cherry tomatoes and dijon mustard to top it off. It's a brilliant snack option when you want something straight from the oven!

Lentil & Smoked Salmon Salad

Lentils are underestimated. But after making this six-minute salad, we bet you'll want to return to this meal again and again.

Our lentil and smoked salmon salad is packed with mouth-watering flavors. Shallots, red wine, and dijon mustard combine with smokey salmon to create a result that is unmatched! Enjoy this meal solo, or you can prepare it as an appetizer for guests.

Salmon With Butternut Squash Fries

After cooking this recipe, you'll learn not to put butternut squash in a box! This simple meal is delicious and refreshing, with creamy greek yogurt, dijon mustard, and maple syrup drizzled on top of tasty salmon and butternut squash fries. 

Make Cooking the Easiest Part of Your Day

Substituting different kinds of mustard for dijon can open your taste buds to a world of possibilities! When you want to make new recipes without lots of hassle, you don't have to hire a personal chef. 

Cooking can be easy and enjoyable. At Jow, we love taking care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters: enjoying every bite with the people you love.