Vegan Spicy Split Pea Soup Recipe 2021

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We’re all in agreement here – pea soup is the best. It’s nutritious, creamy, and satisfying, and it makes a perfect side dish or main course for lunch or dinner.

Because we love pea soup so much, we decided to put our unique spin on the dish. The result? Our spicy pea soup recipe.

This pea soup is 100% vegan, so all of our plant-based friends will love it! It’s also incredibly simple – only five ingredients make up the entire recipe. 

The extra kick comes from green curry paste, a traditional ingredient in Thai cuisine. The Thai inspiration doesn’t end there. This recipe also includes a hint of coconut milk, which adds sweetness and richness that makes our pea soup even more unique.

Ready to learn how to make this fabulous soup? We’ve got all the instructions right here.

The Ingredients for Spicy Split Pea Soup

Here’s everything you need to make our spicy split pea soup.

How To Make Spicy Split Pea Soup

Follow these steps to make the best split pea soup you’ve ever had.

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