The Yummiest Shrimp Scampi Recipe You Can Easily Make

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If you're not sure what to make for dinner tonight, we have a recipe you've got to try. Our shrimp scampi is to die for, and it's simple enough to make in just a few minutes with a handful of ingredients.

In this post, we'll walk you through our easy shrimp scampi recipe from start to finish. We'll talk about the necessary ingredients, the steps to follow for prep and cooking, and how to plate your finished dish to make it as appetizing as possible.

What Do You Need To Make Shrimp Scampi?

Here are all of the ingredients used in our shrimp scampi recipe. Visit our shrimp scampi page to find out exactly how much of each of these ingredients to use while cooking. 

The Basics

The Flavorings

Making Shrimp Scampi, Step by Step

Follow these instructions to make simple and delicious shrimp scampi.

Wrapping It All Up

To complete this dish, take a few minutes to focus on plating and presentation. Try serving each plate with an even amount of shrimp to keep the meal looking as symmetrical and properly portioned as possible. Top your plates with olive oil and a sprinkling of parmesan, and you're good to go!

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