Red vs. Green Lentils: Understanding the Difference

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Do you use lentils in your recipes? Find out the difference between red and green lentils, plus learn quick recipes you can try this week.

What does your typical meal rotation look like? Perhaps you stick to ordering takeout or frequenting drive-thrus more often than cooking.

We know that preparing meals at home can be frustrating sometimes. Making a list, grocery shopping, reading complicated recipes, and cooking food can take the energy right out of you after a long day.

We believe cooking doesn't have to be exhausting. You can also try new ingredients such as lentils to make your meals exciting without a lot of effort. Keep reading to learn more about lentils. 

What Are Lentils?

Are they nuts or seeds? Surprisingly, lentils don't fit into either of these categories. Lentils are protein-rich legumes that can add nutritional value to your recipes. They also feature a rich, earthy flavor often featured in Middle Eastern dishes. 

They have a long shelf-life, meaning you can keep them around and enjoy using them in recipes months after you've bought them. Lentils are common in everything from stews, soups, and purees to side dishes and casseroles. You’ll also find them in veggie burgers in place of black beans or chickpeas and much more. 

Nutritional Features of Lentils

Lentils are good sources of the following: 

Lentils are also a good source of protein. 

Lentil Varieties

There are several varieties of lentils that you can explore. These include brown lentils, yellow lentils, black beluga lentils (which look a bit like caviar), and more. 

Today, we'll focus on two different types of lentils today –– red lentils and green lentils. 

Red Lentils

Red lentils, also known as masoor dal, are legumes that appear orangey-red. They tend to have a nutty flavor and usually come split down the middle. Because they don't have skins, these tend to break down into a creamy consistency as they cook.

Green Lentils

Green lentils are actually a grayish-green color, and they tend to be whole rather than split. Since they have skin, they take a longer time to cook and maintain a firm texture. The green variety has a much more peppery flavor. 

Differences and Similarities Between Lentils

Ultimately, both of these lentil varieties have a similar taste and will contribute protein to your meals. These legumes are also similar in their vitamin A, fiber, and calcium content. 

The primary difference between these lentils is their texture and cooking time. Although red lentils take less time to cook, they may also be mushier. Deciding which to use depends on your preference and the recipe you'd like to make!

14 Lentil Recipes To Try This Week

If you've never tried lentils before, don't worry. We make it easy for you to experiment with new recipes for your household. 

If you want to add more protein or fresh ingredients to your menu, look at these easy lentil recipes.

Squash, Lentils, and Avocado Cream

Looking for a fresh bite to eat that you can prepare for your household? This meatless lentil and squash recipe includes filling ingredients and is simple to make. It's ready in twenty-five minutes!

Avocado and Lentil Salad

Some days call for refreshing salads to help keep you motivated and nourished. When you're in the mood for a tasty, filling salad, our Avocado and Lentil Salad is an easy recipe you can try. It's ready in under ten minutes, too!

Lentil & Blue Cheese Salad

Sun-dried tomatoes and lentils make a terrific pair. Enjoy this extra-simple summery salad in no time at all! This Italian Lentil Salad is an excellent option for switching things up with your typical menu. 

Lentil and Fig Salad

Have you been craving a salad that is light and protein-packed simultaneously? Lentils, fig, and feta are a dream team in this recipe. Our Lentil and Fig Salad is ready in under five minutes, so it's a perfect choice for a quick snack.

Smoked Salmon and Lentil Plate

Say you're preparing dinner while on summer vacation with a few friends. In the warm weather, you may want to make a meal that isn't too heavy. In that case, our Smoked Salmon and Lentil Plate makes the perfect summer meal. It's creamy, savory, and light, and it's ready in twenty minutes!

Red Lentil and Cauliflower Curry

From what we discussed earlier, you'll remember that red lentils are the kind without skin that tend to develop a softer texture. This Indian-inspired Cauliflower Curry includes mouth-watering curry with filling rice and red lentils. This recipe is also terrific for those who choose not to eat meat!

Creamy Red Lentil Soup

If you're a fan of soups, we've got one for you. Our Creamy Red Lentil Soup only uses a few ingredients, but this recipe packs a robust flavor. You can try it this week in under twenty minutes.

Lentil Salad with Yogurt Sauce

Here's a fresh way to add protein to your diet! This unique Lentil and Yogurt salad only takes seven minutes to make, and you can have it as a quick snack after school or work. 

Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

If you're someone who enjoys soups, this is one recipe you'll want to keep. Our Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup is ultra-easy to make, and it's ready in twenty-five minutes! Enjoy the savor-sweet flavors as you sip this cold-weather soup. 

Lentil and Smoked Salmon Salad

Sometimes, you need a simple meal you can put together in no time. On busy days, dishes like our Lentil and Smoked Salmon Salad are a perfect option to help you stay nourished. You can make this meal in six minutes.

Coconut Red Lentil Dahl

How often do you try different cuisines in your household? Although chicken fries and pizza can be tasty, trying food inspired by multiple cultures can give you an appreciation for new recipes. 

One recipe you can try when expanding your menu is our Coconut Red Lentil Dahl. Since it uses red lentils, this dish has a creamy consistency. It only takes twenty-one minutes to prepare, so you can enjoy it in no time!

Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry

This colorful dish incorporates filling red lentils, yummy sweet potato, and several other exciting ingredients. Our Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry is a meal you can make in under thirty minutes, too!

Red Lentil Curry

Perhaps you're in the mood for a warm dish with vibrant flavors. If you love curry, this recipe is for you! Our Red Lentil Curry is an easy dish you can prepare in under thirty minutes. Make it for yourself, or enjoy this Indian-inspired dish with friends!

Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese

Here's a recipe for those who prefer not to eat meat. Our Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese offers all the delicious, savory flavors of traditional bolognese without the meat! Green lentils make this recipe protein-rich, and you can have it ready in twenty-five minutes! 

Cooking Shouldn't Be a Chore

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We'll Take Care of Planning Groceries This Week

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Whether you're trying red lentil curry or searching for delectable desserts to enjoy afterward, we've got what you're looking for at Jow. From planning and optimizing your grocery lists to providing quick, easy recipes, we're here to make mealtimes enjoyable and stress-free.