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Easy And Fast Potato Pancakes Recipe You Can Make Right Now [2021]

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Classic potato pancakes are popular in places like Germany and Belarus, although you’ll find variations of this dish worldwide. There’s even a Korean potato pancake called a gamja-jeon, made with grated potato and potato starch. 

We’ll walk you through our easy, fast, and delicious potato pancake recipe from start to finish. We’ll cover all the ingredients you need, the steps, and more.

The Potato Pancake Ingredients

Here’s everything you need to make our potato pancakes.

The Potato Pancake Recipe, Step by Step

Follow these steps to make a piping-hot batch of savory potato pancakes.

Prepping the Ingredients

Making Your Pancakes

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Once you’re done eating your plate of delicious potato pancakes, make sure to head over to our cooking page. There, you’ll find tons more recipes to inspire you to get cooking again!

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