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Easy & Fast Mexican Bowl Recipe [2021]

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When you use JOW, we’ll figure out exactly how much of each ingredient you need, put together a personalized grocery list, and allow you to add anything else that you might need from the store. Then, we’ll either arrange for you to pick up your groceries or have them delivered to your house. It’s as easy as that! 

In this post, we'll walk you through the process of making a delicious chicken burrito bowl step by step. We'll cover everything from the required ingredients to the instructions for preparing and serving the bowl. 

What Ingredients Are in a Mexican Bowl?

Our Mexican bowl recipe calls for the following ingredients.

Making a Mexican Bowl Step by Step

Follow these steps to make the perfect Mexican burrito bowl.

Cooking Your Ingredients

Prep Your Toppings

Take a minute to prep your toppings. Drain the liquid out of the can of corn and the can of beans and add them to the frying pan you used to cook the chicken. 

Turn the heat on medium and let the beans and corn warm, stirring them to mix them with the leftover spices. If you’re planning on using any additional toppings, now is the time to get them ready!

To chop your avocado, start by running a knife around the middle and pulling the two halves apart with your hands. You can easily remove the pit of the avocado by carefully sticking the knife into the pit and twisting it out. 

Once the pit is out, cut your avocado into strips and remove the skin. 

Wrapping Up This Recipe

Take out a bowl for each person who’s eating. Serve a cup of rice into each bowl using a wooden spoon, then top the rice off with your corn, beans, avocado, and any other toppings you’ve chosen. Serve each bowl topped with cilantro, a squeeze of lime juice, and a sprinkling of shredded cheese. Enjoy! 

Save your leftovers or meal prep enough to enjoy this dish all week long. If you want more delicious recipes to try, make sure to head over to our cooking page. There, you’ll find plenty more creative meals from every part of the world.

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