Staff Picks: Our 10 Favorite Fourth of July Recipes

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Still need a menu plan for this year's Fourth of July bash? Jow's on it!

Much like other holidays, you might get menu-planning tunnel vision with the Fourth of July's burger-and-hotdog reputation. From chicken skewers to oven-baked ribs to elote-style salad and mini key lime pies, our summer menu remixes familiar flavors in a home cook-friendly way. Beginner home cooks and experienced entertainers alike can make use of this list!

Main Dishes

No need for a barbecue setup—you can simply foil-wrap these ribs and finish them in the broiler!

If you're serving kiddos, these pan-fried chicken fingers are an excellent option. They can also be baked in the oven!

This is a simple but satisfying vegetarian dish to keep your veggie friends happy!

If you want a sandwich but don't want to commit to red meat, this is your bet.

This dish can be easily remixed— switch out the Italian dressing marinade for another sauce and swap out any veggies!

You can make these burgers on a grill pan or any cast iron, and they really hit the spot with sticky-sweet BBQ sauce. :-)


Do you put breadcrumbs on your mac and cheese? It adds SO much great texture.

Grill your corn beforehand and you'll be in summer side dish heaven!


Perfectly cute and individually portioned, these are an ideal summery dessert for any barbecue, not just Fourth of July!

A craveable, sweet dessert that'll leave you wanting to eat s'more. :-) 

If you're still hungry for more summery recipes, stay tuned to Jow's social feeds! Coming up later this month: CAMPING WEEK. ⛺🌲