How To Ripen Peaches

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Bringing fruit home from the grocery store can make for a delicious snack. Read here to learn how to enjoy ripe peaches and use them in recipes.

Peaches have a uniquely sweet flavor with a hint of tang that makes them a favorite fruit for many. If you're like many people, you may wonder how you can add more fruits and veggies to your meals. One challenge that many people face is knowing when their produce is ripe and ready for eating, especially because peach season doesn’t run all year long.

You don't want to pick out peaches too early, and you also don't want to let your fruit sit for too long and spoil. Is there a way to enjoy perfectly-ripe peaches? Keep on reading! We'll show you how to pick a terrific peach and use this fruit in tasty recipes. 

How To Choose a Perfect Peach

One of the steps to savoring a tasty peach is knowing how to pick them out in the produce aisle. 

First, you'll want to look at a peach's color to evaluate its tastiness. If it's vibrant and colorful, you've got a flavorful peach on your hands. If it looks less saturated or green, it's likely more bland and unripe. A green peach isn’t going to give you that sweet flavor you’re looking for. 

How To Tell When a Peach is Ripe

Perhaps you bought some peaches at the grocery store, and you're wondering when they'll be ready to eat or use in a recipe. When testing a peach, pick it up and gently squeeze it near where its stem used to be. If it's soft, that's a sign that your peach is ripe and ready to go. If it's rock-hard, it's less ripe and will be crunchier on the inside.

Hard peaches won't be easy to bite into. However, more firm peaches can still make tasty, crunchy additions to salads. It's up to what you like, at the end of the day!

How To Easily Ripen Peaches 

Many people enjoy soft, juicy peaches rather than firm, unripe peaches. If you brought home peaches that still feel firm to the touch, you don't have to wait days for them to be ready. Let's check out the fastest way to ripen your peaches and savor them sooner.

  1. Grab a brown paper bag and lay it on its side on your kitchen counter.
  2. Next, arrange your underripe peaches shoulder side down, inside the bag, so that the bottoms are facing up at room temperature.
  3. Ensure the peaches don't touch each other inside the bag. 
  4. Fold the top of the bag closed and wait 24 hours.

After 14 hours have passed, evaluate your peaches for smell and color. The ethylene gas emitted should cause your peaches to be more vibrant and smell more peachy than when you put them in. The best part? This works for other stone fruits like plums and even avocados, too. 

How To Stop the Ripening Process

Once your peaches are soft and ready to eat, you may want to stop their ripeness from going any further. To halt the process, put your peaches in the fridge uncovered. You especially want to make sure they’re out of direct sunlight. 

They'll remain as ripe as they are for around three days before they begin to dry out and become mealy.

Best Ways To Use Overripe Peaches

Let's say you accidentally let your peaches get overripe. It happens to the best of us. Rather than throwing out mushy peaches, there are a few ways you can use them. Let's take a look!

  1. Make a tasty peach jam.
  2. Use the peaches in southern sweet peach tea.
  3. Bake a mouth-watering peach pie.
  4. Make peach fruit bars.
  5. Add peaches to top savory dishes.
  6. Enjoy a peach smoothie.
  7. Try grilled peaches.

2 Peach Recipes You Can Try ASAP

Buying fresh peaches at the grocery store or farmer's market can feel like an accomplishment. Finding creative meals and desserts that include peaches can keep you excited about this fruit and avoid food waste. 

If you're looking for peach recipes that don't take too long to make, we've got a few ideas. Here are some of our favorite peach recipes. 

Peach-Mint Pops

Want a dessert that will keep things interesting? Try our can’t miss peach-mint pops. These fun, delicious pops have the succulent sweetness of peaches with the bright, freshness of mint all rolled into a healthy frozen treat. They’re easy to make and just need to chilled a few hours before you want to eat them.

Peach Sangria Tomato, Nectarine, and Basil Salad

If you’re someone who enjoys spending summer evenings relaxing with friends, we’ve got the perfect peach recipe for you. Surprise everyone with this delicious peach sangria at your next get together and they’ll be begging for more. With sweet bits of peach, fresh hints of mint, and a gentle fizz from the sparkling lemonade, this is a drink you’ll be sipping all summer long.

3 Recipes With Similar Peach Flavors

While these recipes do not contain peaches, they still have very similar flavors with juicy nectarines and apricots.

Zucchini and Apricot Bruschetta

This recipe includes diverse flavors and textures that are sure to make you more excited with every bite. The zucchini and apricot bruschetta includes sweet fruit topping with creamy hummus, crunchy zucchini, and filling bread. Supplement peaches for apricots if you'd like your bruschetta to be peachy and sweet. 

Peach, Feta, and Zucchini Salad

Not every salad has to have an iceberg lettuce base. When you're craving variety, trying something new can help. Our Peach, feta, and zucchini salad combines sweet apricot and crumbly feta cheese with tasty zucchini shreds. You can stick to apricots or choose peaches for your salad instead. 

More Creative Ways To Eat Ripe Peaches

If you've got ripe peaches in your kitchen, there are a few more ways you can enjoy them so that they don't go to waste. Here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration:

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