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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for the Busy Family

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Here’s the good news: you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen and take multiple grocery trips each week to serve your family healthy food. 

JOW can help optimize your shopping lists based on the number of people in your household and arrange for you to get your groceries however is easiest for you, and we specialize in under 30 minute recipes. No more scrambling at the last minute to make something or order from local restaurants. You’re in control of your eating habits!

Big batch meal prep can make dinnertime even easier, giving you more time with the people you love most. With the following recipes, you can make large batches of flavorful and healthy food for the entire family, days ahead of time. 

Read on to discover our healthy meal prep ideas and find out for yourself which ones your family loves the most.

Convenient Form Factors

The joys of finger food cannot be outmatched, especially for kids. Here are some healthy hand-held recipes you can prep ahead of time and serve for several days.

Wonderful Wraps

With just a few ingredients and a simple assembly-line preparation style, wraps are one of the best foods to make in advance and serve throughout the week.

To make your wonderful wraps, take a stack of whole-wheat wraps, lay out your ingredients on the counter, add the ingredients one by one, and wrap them all to perfection! They store easily in reusable containers, and your family can grab and snack on these wraps at any time of day.

To make healthy wraps, stick with whole-food ingredients that add protein, nutrition, and plenty of fresh flavor. A turkey or tuna wrap is a classic with avocado, shallot, lemon, and crisp greens.

You can also make this dish more gourmet using sheet pan chicken breast, salmon, or roasted veggie wraps. These flavors are fantastic after a day or two in the fridge and can convert to sandwiches wonderfully.

Tasty Pizza Pies

There’s nothing quite like pizza fresh out of the oven, but cold pizza has its own charms. It’s convenient to pack a few slices of pizza in tin foil for a lunch box alongside fresh fruit or a side salad. The fragrant flavors of garlic and onion pair perfectly with the gooey cheese and any veggies that you include. 

Plus, our beautiful and healthy pizza recipes are quite the departure from the heavy, greasy chain-restaurant pizza you might be familiar with in the States – did we mention they are easy to make as well? 

JOW tests all of our recipes to ensure that we’re providing you with the most delicious combinations possible. Try one of the simple pizza recipes on our site, ranging from Mushroom & Ricotta Pizza to Pesto Pizza with Zucchini and Pizza Margherita. It might take a couple of tries to get an ideal bake, but practice makes perfect.

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