Christmas 2022: The Best Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

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It's the most wonderful time of year, but the stress of holiday shopping can sometimes feel like anything but! Keep the joy of gift-giving this Christmas with budget-friendly stocking stuffers for everyone on your list! At Jow, we love to surprise & delight the people we love with foodie gifts small in size, but big in heart! Here are this year's top ten picks!

Stocking stuffers should be fun, useful & affordable! Have you ever eagerly reached inside your stocking & pulled out a sad pack of tic tacs, yet another set of playing cards or a confusing box of double AA batteries? If not, lucky you! For all the rest of us, we know there's more potential in the stocking-stuffing game. This year treat your friends & family to deliciously thoughtful trinkets & treasures! If you're already a holiday shopping pro, check out our blog on DIY food gifts & decor!

10 foodie stocking stuffers for this Christmas

1. Flaky Sea Salt

Season Greetings ...see what we did there?! Maldon Salt never seizes to delight. This unique, specialty salt has a distinct pyramid shape that adds delicate salty flavor to every dish! This flaky salt is loved by professional chefs, home cooks & foodies around the world. It's perfect for sprinkling joy on everything! We love it on top of anything from crispy smashed potatoes & avocado toast to chocolate chip cookies (link) & sea salt hot coco for those wintery nights that lay ahead. Shop Maldon at your local grocer or find it on amazon!

2. Garlic Press

This handy, time-saving kitchen tool is the best way to spare a cook's fingers from a garlic stench! Not to mention, it's guaranteed to make someone's life easier when a recipe calls for lots of minced garlic! The tool pushes garlic through tiny holes, mashing it into a paste. See for yourself when you try using the garlic press for this cheesy, garlicky Christmas bread! Shop here!

3. Spoon Rest

No one wants to scrape crusty sauce off the counter at the end of a delicious meal! That's where a spoon rest comes in to save the day! You can buy these small kitchen superstars in hundreds of shapes & colors! Here's a fun one we love! Paired with this gourmet meal, a spoon rest will put any sauce splatter to the test.

4. Crispy Chili Oil or Hot Honey

We all know a spicy food fanatic! Bless those powerful tastebuds & their craving for fiery flavor! This year, spice up their lives' with crispy chili oil or hot honey. The spicy condiment market has spiked up in the past couple of years & there are so many wonderful brands to choose from for this gift! We love how these small gifts are long-lasting & a fun way to explore new flavors. This woman-owned business sells one of our favorite crispy chili oils! For a sweeter spicy kick, try this hot honey!

5. Stasher Bags

Gone are the days of spending $$$ on single-use plastic bags! Add some sustainability into someone's life this year with the gift of a reusable snack bag by Stasher! This durable baggie has over 30,000 reviews on amazon! The world is going crazy for these sleek, freezer-friendly, oven, microwave & dishwasher safe bags. With multiple colors to choose from, there's a perfect bag for every stocking on your list. Pack each bag with some homemade gingerbread cookies to spice things up!

6. Food Huggies

For the avocado lovers in your life, this gift will lead to instant happiness! We love this BPA Free, dishwasher safe avocado saver. It's fun & unexpected! Not to mention, majorly useful! If avocados aren't top of mind for your giftees, Food Huggers make sustainability simple & fun with various shapes & sizes! Choose another style huggie for saving anything from lemons to half-used sticks of butter!

7. Cell Phone Stand

A cell phone stand?? For a foodie?? YES! How many times has your phone been subject to splashes of water from the sink or fallen off the slippery kitchen counter? Too many too count for us! Jow has you covered for all of your recipe needs, but who has your phone covered while you're cooking away? : - ) These compact, portable stands are the perfect stocking stuffers your friends & fam will love!

8. Food puzzles

Instead of staring at the oven while Christmas cookies bake, a foodie puzzle makes the perfect pastime. Area Ware makes fun & easy food puzzles for everyone on your list. We love these little $15 puzzles & know everyone will love finding one in their stockings Christmas Day!

9. Reusable straws

Let's face it, those paper straws at your local coffee shop are just not it. Within a few sips they are bent & slimy. Nobody has time for that! Reusable straws are no trend, they are here to stay! These sustainable straws come with a handy dandy cleaning brush & make drinking smoothies much more fun!

10. Grocery Gift card

Sometimes the best gifts in life are the ones that allow people the freedom to choose their! Grocery gift cards are highly appreciated & valued gifts. At a time when food costs are rising & grocery shopping can feel like a drag, everyone is craving free spending money at the supermarket.

Merry Christmas to all of our Jow friends!