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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Skipping Breakfast

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We’ll be covering the five biggest reasons to start eating breakfast. If you’re currently a breakfast-skipper, we think we can convince you to change your ways. Plus, we’ll set you up with a killer breakfast menu – stick around until the end of this article for the recipes!

1. Breakfast Helps You Focus

Skipping breakfast in the morning means you’re depriving your brain of much-needed nutrition. Those calories can make a big difference in your brain’s ability to focus on tasks, retain information, and keep you working efficiently. 

Aim for a breakfast composed of whole grains, lean protein, and some fruit or vegetables for good measure. 

Your Brain Needs Those Carbs!

Some of the most important nutrients for focusing are your macros – carbs, protein, and fat. When nutritionists talk about a “balanced” breakfast, they’re describing a meal that contains ample amounts of each of these macronutrients. One macro that is often demonized is the carbohydrate, which many people avoid on principle as part of a keto or low-carb diet. 

However, your brain needs carbohydrates to function. Carbs – especially glucose – fuel your brain and play a key role in cognitive functions like memory and learning. Without carbs, the only other way to fuel your brain is through ketosis, the namesake of the ketogenic diet.

When your body goes into ketosis, it starts getting energy by burning through fat. Fat can fuel your brain, but only when your body is running on virtually no carbohydrates. Since it can be difficult to reach ketosis without harsh dietary restrictions, we recommend including some complex carbohydrates in your breakfast. 

Calories Matter When It Comes to Focusing

While a nutritious, balanced breakfast can indeed help you focus, this often isn’t the case when it comes to super rich, high-calorie meals. Eating too much for breakfast can make you feel sluggish and lethargic, which in turn can make it nearly impossible to stay on task. 

To avoid eating too much and going into a mid-morning food coma, aim to eat a breakfast of around 400-500 calories. This is still a hearty meal, but it’s not so big and rich that you’ll end up wanting to pass out as soon as you clock in.

Focus-Boosting Breakfast Foods to Eat Tomorrow Morning

For tomorrow’s breakfast, try adding some of these foods to the menu! They’re packed with macro and micronutrients that can help you stay on target throughout the day, fueling both your body and your brain.

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