The Best Cheese for Homemade Pizza

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Enjoying a cheesy pizza shouldn't take lots of work! Read here to find out the best cheese for homemade pizza and more easy recipes to try this week.

If there's one dish that's a fan favorite among nearly every age group, it's pizza. This meal has been a staple in many households, and it's no wonder why. This dish checks every flavor box with filling bread, savory sauce, and creamy cheese. 

When you're looking for meal solutions you can put together with little effort, homemade pizza is an excellent option. You don't have to spend hours in front of a stove or oven, either. Keep reading, and we'll show you quick pizza recipes you can enjoy cooking.

Let's find out which cheese makes the best companion for homemade pizza!

Cheeses To Use on Pizza

So what cheese goes best on top of pizza? There are several options you can choose, depending on what you’re looking for. 

What Factors Should You Use for Selecting Your Cheese?

Did you know there are multiple categories to consider when selecting a cheese to use on top of your sauce and dough? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Remembering these factors can help you choose the best cheese for your pizza and enjoy the result even more! Let's look at which cheeses you might think about using.


This Italian cheese is semi-hard, and it combines well when added to other cheeses. Its flavor can range from creamy to sharp, depending on how long it ages. It works great with several types of pizza, making it a terrific go-to choice for your pizza nights. 


Many people love cheddar for its sharp flavor when added to burgers and sandwiches. Did you know cheddar cheese also makes an excellent topping addition for your homemade pizzas? 

However, you'll probably want to stick to adding this one with other cheeses in a blend since it tends to brown easily. 


If you've ever been to an Italian restaurant, you know how much of a staple parmesan cheese can be. This cheese makes a terrific topping for lasagnas, salads, bread, and pizza. 

Keep in mind that parmesan doesn't do well in the oven. When using this cheese, you'll want to grate it on top of your already-cooked melty pizza to enjoy its flavor.

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese may not melt well, but you can still use it to make your pizzas even tastier. This creamy cheese softens and contributes a mouth-watering flavor that can make your pizzas more exciting.


Need a unique cheese for a thin-crust pizza? Gouda might be the cheese for you. This versatile cheese option complements the flavors of multiple toppings, making it a great alternative to have on hand for whenever you might need it. 


Here's another cheese that you can try for a new pizza experience. Gruyere has a mix of flavors that can make every bite inviting. It melts well over your dough and sauce and tastes delicious, making it another suitable choice for your homemade pizzas. 

Why Is Mozzarella the Best Cheese for Your Pizza?

Although all of the above cheese can contribute unique elements to your dish, one cheese outshines them all: mozzarella. This cheese is the most popular option people reach for when making pizza, and it's no surprise why. This cheese tastes super fresh and melts exceptionally well.

Using low-moisture mozzarella is even better. The lower moisture can help your cheese become melty and stretchy without being watery or too thin. 

Aren't you glad the best cheese for pizza isn't complicated? You won't have to search all over the grocery store for some fancy cheese variety; homemade pizza can be simple and easy. 

Easy Pizza Recipes You Can Make in No Time

Are you feeling inspired to bake pizza for your household soon? You don’t need an outdoor brick oven to bake delicious pizzas! Following our straightforward recipes can help. Take a look at these six pizza recipes that are easy to follow and super quick. 

Ready to make mouth-watering pizzas? It’s not as hard as you might think!

Margherita Pizza

Fans of mozzarella will love this dish! If you're ready to put your pizza-baking skills to the test, this recipe is for you. Our Margherita pizza only uses four ingredients, and it's done in less than twenty minutes. That's honestly faster than delivery.

Puttanesca Pizza

Who said you couldn't make pizza more grown-up? This Puttanesca pizza recipe includes olives, capers, and anchovies, making it an option you can choose when you want to familiarize yourself with new flavor combinations. It's ready in no time. 

Zucchini and Pesto Pizza

Here's a terrific pizza dish to try when having guests over to your house. This zucchini and pesto pizza recipe combines the exciting flavors of pesto, spinach, and mozzarella to create the savory pizza of your dreams. Your friends and family won't be able to forget about it.

Cherry Tomato Burrata Pizza

Sometimes, you don't have time to eat at an Italian restaurant. The good news is that you can make tasty pizzas in less time than you think. 

One flavorful recipe you can follow is our Cherry Tomato Burrata Pizza. This dish is ready in fifteen minutes, making it one you may want to keep on a regular rotation. 

Prosciutto and Ricotta Pizza

Sometimes, you might want to try a different cheese on your homemade pizza. Our prosciutto and ricotta pizza can be a tasty choice when you want to try something new. The meaty texture and flavor of the prosciutto combine with the creamy ricotta to make a mouth-watering dish. All you need is fifteen minutes to try it!

Three Cheese Pizza

Sometimes, going back to the basics is the best choice. When you want to make a homemade pizza that's sure to be a home run, you can't beat our three-cheese pizza. Goat cheese, bleu cheese, and mozzarella make this dish the creamiest around. 

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The Best Cheese for Homemade Pizza

Enjoying a cheesy pizza shouldn't take lots of work! Read here to find out the best cheese for homemade pizza and more easy recipes to try this week.