5 Vibrant & Summery Salads to Try

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Summer is time to enjoy a fruity salad, and not the sweet kind! In hot weather, the bounty of produce makes salads all the more vibrant—all you need is some good olive oil and a sense of adventure!

In the summer heat, you might want something crisp and sweet to cool you down. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to hydrate, and full of their own nutritional benefits.

Some of our favorite summer produce to make into a vibrant salad include watermelon, citrus, tomato, stonefruit, strawberries, and avocado. All of the following recipes include one or more of these, and we recommend exploring this list to find your ideal summer salad!

When you bring fruit into the equation, your summer salads go from health food to happy food :-)

This is a classic combination you can serve to compliment a wide variety of main dishes!

Avocado adds a creamy richness to this salad, complemented by acidity from citrus and tomato.

Tomatoes and any stonefruit are always a welcome combination—with basil, it's summer heaven.

Burrata is a great crowd-pleaser! Try this recipe the next time you're entertaining.

Strawberries add to the satisfying contrast of crisp, sweet watermelon and salty, tangy feta.

We hope these recipes leave you feeling inspired to cook more vibrantly this month and in the hot days ahead. Happy cooking!